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Why Brochure Accessories?

If you are reading this right now it may be safely assumed that you have come to appreciate the vital and invaluable service brochures can render to any organization. You were probably engaged in marketing research trying to find out the best ways and means to promote and advertise your organization and some enlightened soul introduced you to the idea of using brochures as a way of marketing your organization. You got sold on the idea and that was that. Brochures made their way into your corporate world. But why are you looking at an article on Brochure accessories right now? That's simple. You are smart and you realize that producing brochures that promote your organization is only half the battle won. There is an old saying that presentation of a dish is more important than the dish itself and the ability to display your brochures with style and finesse is no less important than the actual matter contained therein.

This is why brochure accessories are so much sought after and valued and why companies keep producing them in such variety. Let's take a look at some of the common accessories that come with any type of brochure

Brochure Holders

These are apparatus in which the brochures are kept for display. Like any other apparatus they are made out of a variety of materials like wood, plastic, and acrylic material. There is a range available depending on the cost and size.

3-Pocket Brochure Turnstile

These are Clear acrylic pockets mounted on a black plastic base. Each pocket displays up to 75 brochures for a total of 225 brochures.

4-Pocket Brochure Holder

This is an elegant acrylic brochure display. Each pocket keeps 25 brochures organized.

8-Pocket Brochure Holder

This can stack up to 240 brochures which means 30 per stack - handy on your counter or table. It is solid oak with oak veneer back and acrylic front.

Single-Pocket Brochure Holder

Compact single pocket brochure holder keeps up to 75 brochures handy. Solid oak with oak veneer back and acrylic front.

Cardboard Brochure Holder

Heavy white card Stock holds up to 50 brochures.

Brochure Racks

Wire Magazine Rack

This pop magazine display combines two display functions in one! This is one of the best selling wire racks due to its great looks and versatile 20 pocket design. The wire rack holds 20 magazines and/or 10 newspapers or any combination with unique divider bars. This wire book rack is made of strong, lightweight welded wire with a durable black steel tubular frame

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