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How to Produce Effective Brochures? - Brochuremonster.com tells you how?

If you are reading this we assume that you are keen to learn how to produce Effective Brochures. If our assumption is right you have definitely come to the right place because this article gives you all the information you need for producing an effective brochure. What are some criteria that make a brochure effective? Let us consider

Give the Customer a Reason to Keep the Brochure

"But that's axiomatic" you may protest. "Quiet obviously when I produce a brochure I desire the customer to keep it with him. Why else would I go through such great trouble in producing it?"

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. All too often customers simply discard any brochures they receive soon after reading it. So if you want your customers to first of all read and then keep the brochure you have to give them an unsurpassable reason for doing so.

When would a customer hold on to a brochure for keeps? Only when he finds some value in it for him; so that's the first rule you need to incorporate when writing effective brochures. Create or put some value into the brochures for your customer. This value should extend well into the future so that the customer is motivated to retain the brochure.

Here are some examples of how to make your brochure have value

Example 1

You are running a travel agency Odyssey. You produce a brochure that eloquently describes the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the comfortable resorts around it. So far so good, but it's still not invaluable. However if you now include the cost of the travel package and mention that the rates quoted apply year round, then the customer has added reason for retaining the brochure.

Example 2

You are running a cooking school Gaston and you bring out a brochure which describes the benefits of joining your school along with fee and admission details. Your brochure has value for the interested parties only until the date of joining but would then become useless and be discarded. But if you were to include a few simple recipes in your brochure, it will take on an added value that is not diminished by time and the brochure will be retained.

Good Visuals

"There is a proverb that says 'A single picture is worth a thousand words' and we agree. Especially in this adage true in the case of brochures. If you want your brochures to be effective include pictures. But even here you need to use discretion. A simple picture, a photo or an illustration with a timely caption can prove invaluable. A badly chosen one can ruin the brochure completely. So use good judgment. And don't go overboard in using pictures. Give space for well written text as well.

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