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Process of Creating a Brochure

A Brochure by any other name should look as good

Conceptualization - The Seed

All brochures without exception begin or originate in our designer's mind. The designer is solely responsible for the idea for a Brochure. He gives life to a Brochure so to speak. This action of thinking about an idea for a brochure is known as Conceptualization. The designer finds a cool calm place to do his thinking and he lets his mind focus completely on an idea for a brochure. He has to do two things before this thought. He has to determine the Brochure size and he has to determine the industry for which the Brochure will be used.

Brochure Size

Different Brochure sizes exist. Brochures come in the following sizes

A311.6" x 16.5"
A48.5" x 11"
Poster8.5" x 14"
Postcard8.5" x 11"
5.0" x 7"
Leaflet8.5" x 11"

A tip or pointer to remember here is that it is advantageous to begin with large sized brochures. The images will be very sharp and well defined when you use the big ones. Remember Big is not always better which means sometimes it is.

Brochure Industry

Name any industry and you can bet that they will make use of Brochures extensively. Remember the first thing the designer does is to determine the brochure size before he moves onto other aspects. The next step the designer takes is to determine the industry for which the brochure is produced. Consider the range of industries that make use of Brochures.

Education & Training
Food & Beverage
General Business
Health & Beauty
Professional Services
Pets & Animals
Real Estate
Religious & Non Profit
Sports & Fitness
Travel & Tourism

A point to remember here is that choice of color used in a brochure will vary with the industry it propagates. Certain colors go well with certain industries for example the colors red and brown suit industries like Construction and Manufacturing. Thus the designer is aware of and shrewdly uses this psychological attribute to the maximum advantage.

Once he has determined these two aspects, size and industry the designer is ready to proceed to the next step which is Brainstorming.


Brainstorming as you know involves putting down on paper every single idea that comes to mind about the brochure. The designer allows his mind to be bombarded with as many ideas as possible about the brochure and he writes them down without distinction. He knows the brochure size; he knows the industry for which it is meant; now all that is required is to think uninhibitedly about the brochure itself. What is he trying to achieve through his thoughts? He is working to get a mental picture of the brochure's final appearance. He is trying to visualize how the brochure would look on its completion. He is in effect conceptualizing the brochure.

Once the designer has a list of ideas to choose from he moves to the next step which is selecting the idea which is by far the best. He does this by either narrowing in on an idea that is more appealing and attractive than the rest or by combining two or more ideas, fusing together those elements that make maximum impact into one entity. When the designer succeeds in this he has before him a rough draft of the final product. The draft of course exists in his mind. He has to put it down on paper to be worked on considerably before he can submit the final result. This happens in the next step which is Visualization through Sketching.

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