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Important Pointers that ensures Brochure Quality

What is a vital tool that will guarantee your Brochure's final quality to be outstanding? Yes it is a checklist. A brochure checklist ensures that any errors or flaws that creep into a Brochure in the process of preparation are removed before the brochure is sent for printing By using a checklist to scrutinize your brochure you guarantee the quality of an important sales tool. Using a brochure checklist may not be all in the day's work but it's well worth the effort. So make sure to check your brochure against the checklist given below before rolling it of the presses.

What are the main areas to check in a brochure? They are four and are as follows



Ensure that no more than three lines are ending in a hyphen - If you use hyphen too many times it breaks the flow and jars the reader's concentration

Ensure that consistent spacing has been used - This is essential for an overall neat and comely appearance

Ensure that widows and orphans have been removed - Nothing can be more irritating to a reader than to have his thought process broken at the end of a page. Ensure you avoid that by following this tip

Ensure that double spaces have been removed - Again it is vital for a neat appearance and allows for more content

Ensure that proper names have not been hyphenated - A fundamental rule you would have learnt in third grade


Color is crucial to a brochure and creates the most impact. If you want to make the maximum impact on your customer pay undivided attention to this aspect. Use of the right colors in your brochure can do more good than the most well chosen words. Remember these pointers when working on your brochure.

Checkpoints with Color

If the text should overprint the screen, make the screen light enough to allow the text to be read. This way you keep your readers from straining their eyes.

Verify that large areas of black have been built using rich black. Ensure that Trapping has been applied.

Ensure that there are no extra colors (colors that do not print). This will only set you back needlessly.

Graphics should be either in spot or process colors, not RGB(Red, Green, Blue)

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