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The Famous Five - Five Brochure Types

Do you want to learn how you can use brochures and marketing pieces to turn your potential customers into paying customers? Did you know that brochures have been designed to woo the customer at every stage of the sales cycle? Would you be interested in learning how these brochures influence the customers so that you can also use them to your advantage? Go ahead.

There are five main categories of brochures and they perform the same function of selling your company and securing your customer. Here are the five types. Consider them in detail before moving onto other marketing brochures samples

After sales pitch
Answer the Query
Post Box
Sales Kit
Over the counter

After Sales Pitch

As the name implies After Sales Pitch brochure is the type of brochure you leave with your customer after you have met and talked with him and recited your sales pitch. They are free marketing brochures that influence the customer long after you've gone. Remember to describe your product and all its benefits in full detail when you are writing this type of brochure. The sales pitch should be a summary of the one you orally gave to the customer.

Answer the Query

This is the name given to that brochure which is sent to the customers who evince interest in your company, product or service. They show their interest by asking questions. It's up to you to cultivate that interest and lead them to the next step which is the buying process. You can do this by bombarding them with the product's USP's and marketing your brochure in such a way that they become convinced their lives are meaningless without your product. These are also free marketing brochures that are sent to the customer at no cost

Post Box

This is the type of brochure that you send to your potential customers directly through the mail. It is usually accompanied by a marketing letter with sample brochures. A sales letter only sells whereas a Post Box brochure contains additional features like photos, your product's sales points and even technical features. Sales Kit

Sales Kit Brochures are very much like After Sales Pitch. But you can use the Sales Kit Brochures as a sales assistance tool. Sales personnel use this brochure to help them get through their sales presentation. You find bigger pages, bigger photos and bigger headlines within this brochure.

Over the counter

Over the counter brochures are those that are kept in full view for public display. You encounter them when standing in a checkout line at the mall, at the cashier's window in a bank and over the drugstore counter. You notice them because they are conveniently located right under your eye. Remember to include a catchy headline supported by some great visuals when writing this type of brochure. Remember you are trying to make the customer notice your brochure and then arouse his curiosity enough so that he buys it.

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