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What is BrochureMonster.Com all about? Well, the name says it all! BrochureMonster.Com is your answer to getting access to a host of marketing materials for your business completely online. No hard work, no extra spending and best of all no waste of time. We provide you with readymade marketing materials like brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, letterheads, business cards and posters. All that you need to do is a bit of editing (adding your content, company logo and the like) and you are ready to go printing!

Here's what we offer:

Business Cards
For more information on these marketing materials and how they can help you in your marketing efforts, please read this article: Effective Marketing Materials for Your Business
Why Should I buy my marketing materials from BrochureMonster.Com? You name it, we got it! We got all kinds of printed marketing materials at BrochureMonster.com for a host of industries at surprisingly affordable rates. All these materials are designed by industry experts and look highly professional. In addition to offering these excellent products, we also have a powerful support system in place where you can reach to clear all your queries.

At BrochureMonster.Com, you get:

Highly Professional Templates Designed by Industry Experts
Lots of Variety to Choose From
Best Quality Service
Excellent Support
Do I get free samples for testing before I go for the actual product? Yes, we offer free samples. Please click here to download them. What is so special about your brochure templates? Our brochures have been designed by industry experts and come with highly professional designs. All templates go through strenuous quality control measures before they are made available on the site for sale. Given all this, our templates come at surprisingly affordable prices making them the best over the internet. Click Here to find how our templates have been made. How does this work for me? Ok, here's how you can benefit out of our site. BrochureMonster.Com offers high quality pre-designed marketing materials. So you already have a ready design. All that you got to do is browse the site, find the templates that suite your need and download them. After that happens, you can edit the templates by adding your own text and logo and you are done. Print out the edited templates using a desktop printer or take it to a commercial press to make copies. Once you have done that, you got yourself a professional brochure to work with in very less time! You save time; you save money and you get yourself a professional product designed by one of the best designers out there.


What do I get when I purchase a template? You will get the following with each purchase:

An editable template layout in the application format you have selected All supporting template graphics (jpeg, gif and tif images) EULA or End User License Agreement
Ok, I like your templates but how do I go about buying them? Once you have selected a design, the buying process is extremely simple. Here's how it goes.

Step 1: Click the 'Purchase' link near the template of your choice
Step 2: Select the format in which you need the brochure (you can get additional formats even after the actual purchase on request.)
Step 3: Give your name, email address and select your 'mode of payment'
Step 4: Make the payment
Step 5: You will receive the download link in the email address provided, as soon as the payment is verified (Generally within five to ten minutes of purchase)
Step 6: Click the download link and save your template
Step 7: Open the template using the right software program for editing.
Step 8: Print the template using a desktop printer or for a higher volume go to a commercial press (For more information on printing your template, please refer to this article:
When and how will my brochures be delivered? You can access your brochure, through a download link which you will receive in the email address provided immediately after the payment is made. Do you offer fonts? Unfortunately, we do not offer fonts separately, except for those already included in the template. But you can buy fonts from these recommended sources: fonts.com and larabiefonts.com if you want. Do you offer printing services? Unfortunately, we don't. You can print our brochures using your own inkjet or digital printer or print them out in a commercial printing press. What is the typical size of your brochure and how long will it take to download a brochure? The brochure size will vary based on a variety of factors including the type of application you have chosen to purchase the template in, graphics included etc. Typically, the size falls in the range of 15 to 20MB. All our templates are made available for download in a .zip format (compressed format) and hence the download should be very fast. The template I downloaded won't open? What went wrong? We offer our templates in a .zip format and hence you will need to unzip it first to view the contents. Unzipping hardly takes a few minutes and can be done using unzip software programs like Winzip. Click here to download Winzip. I downloaded your template, but now I find that I need the template in a different format. Is there a way to get this? Yes, you can get the template you have purchased in any format you want, provided we offer that format. If you have downloaded the wrong format and need it in some other format instead, just get in touch with our sales department and we will get back to you with the download link after verification. I purchased a template from you, but somehow misplaced the file. Can I get another download? Please get in touch with our sales department with the following information and we will send you another link.

Name Email Address (One where you received the download link) Payment Mode Paypal Address (if payment is made via paypal) Paypal Transaction ID or Credit-card Transaction ID

Editing and Redesigning

Are your brochures editable? And if yes, do I need any professional software programs to edit them? Yes, all our brochures are completely editable. You can change anything from content, to images to font sizes and typography. If or not you require a professional software program for editing depends on what kind of editing you need to do.

Basic Editing :
Basic editing involves changing text and company logo in the template. Generally speaking, this is all that you need to do, unless you want to drastically alter the appearance of the template. If you think this is what you will be doing, you can simply open the template in any given format, provided you have already installed the software in your system, and do the editing. However, we recommend illustrator for advanced editing purposes. It's as easy as copying, pasting, deleting and typing text. Rudimentary knowledge of graphic software programs is sufficient of the purpose. Just double click and import your logo or change the captions in the template. You can gain this knowledge by going through some related tutorials online.

Advanced Editing :
Advanced editing involves, changing regular fonts to special fonts, replacing/altering graphics, changing colors, resizing etc. If you are adept in any of the following graphic editing software programs, you can do it yourself. Open the source file using illustrator and you will find layers such as bleed, content, and BG. Choose the content layer to edit the layout and text or use your favorite fonts. If you choose the BG layer, you can edit or change the images of the template as you wish. Or simply use our low-cost brochure customization service to get professionally customized brochures.

The following are a list of graphic software programs using which our templates can be edited:

Software NameOperating SystemPurchase
Adobe IllustratorWindows and MACClick to Buy
CorelDrawWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe PageMakerWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe IndesignWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe Photoshop Windows and MAC Click to Buy
Can I resize your brochures or they cannot be resized? All our brochures are available in standard acceptable sizes, but you can resize them to suite your needs. Can you do the editing for me? As part of our template customization service, we can do the editing for you at a minor additional cost. Please contact us at or using this contact form with the nature of editing you require and we will get back to you with a customized quote. I like the brochure, but would need some colors changed to suite my company logo. Any suggestions? You can make use of a graphic designer to make color changes or simply contact us. We will do the changes for you at a minor additional cost. Can I change/alter images on the template? Yes you can replace or alter any image you want on the template.


I am a MAC user, Which software programs (graphic editing programs) are your brochure templates compatible for the MAC OS? Yes they are. But you need to have a software program that supports the available formats are given below.

Software NameOperating SystemPurchase
Adobe IllustratorWindows and MACClick to Buy
CorelDrawWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe PageMakerWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe IndesignWindows and MACClick to Buy
Adobe Photoshop Windows and MAC Click to Buy


How can I print my templates? What options are available? You can print the templates using desktop printing within your offer or go for commercial press printing.

Printing Using Commercial Press:
If you think you need huge print volumes, it would be better to consider printing in a commercial press. After locating a commercial press printing service, all you need to do is burn the edited template onto a CD and provide the same to them. The printing service will then print out the brochures in a bunch and slice them to make finished copies. All our brochures come with bleeds so the slicing will not affect the brochure look. In this case the printing service provider will give you a choice of papers on which to take the print. You can decide on the paper based on your budget and needs.

Desktop Printing:
Desktop printing can be done in-house using an inkjet or digital printer. You will require special 80lb or 100lb stock papers to print the brochures on. These papers are easily available in the market at a low cost in a variety of gloss and matte finishes. You can make use of desktop printing in-case the volume of prints you require is not very high.
Can I make use of a commercial press printing, to print my brochures? Yes you can do that. Our brochures can be printed inhouse or using a commercial press. Click here for more information on brochure printing. What are bleeds and what should I know about them in order to ensure better quality printing? Bleeds are nothing by extra template size, generally in the range of 1/8th of the total template size. Bleeds are useful when the templates are finally sliced to get the final product by ensuring that there is solid ink coverage on all template edges. Can these layouts be set to 2-color instead of 4-color for commercial printing purposes? Yes, you can change the design to 2-colors using an advanced photo editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. What sizes are your brochures available in? Our brochures come in the following standard sizes. Please note that you can resize these templates to the size of your preference.

Marketing MaterialNatureSize
BrochureHalf Fold
Tri Fold
FlyerNo Folds5.5x8.5
Post CardNo Folds7x5
FolderHalf Fold20.8x16.5
Letter HeadNo Folds8.5x11
Business CardN/A3.5x2
NewsletterNo Folds8.5x11


I like a template, but don't know how to make the changes. Can you customize this template for me? Yes, we do offer template customization services. This service involves editing a template based on your specifications. In order to avail this service, please contact us using this customization form stating your requirement and we will get back to you with a customized quote. What kind of charges will I incur if I go for the customization service? Owing to the nature of the service, the images and expertise required, we won't be able to provide you the exact cost. Please contact us using the customization form and we will get in touch with you with a customized quote within 24 hrs. When can I expect my customized brochure to arrive? Based on the requirement, you should be receiving your brochure within four to five days of the order placement.

Usage Rights and Licensing

What Kind of rights do I get over my brochure templates? With each purchase you get royalty free usage rights to use the template as many times as you want to create brochures. You have complete rights to edit the brochure in anyway you want. But please note that you are under no circumstances allowed to resell/redistribute/lease/sublease/license/sublicense our templates to any third party. For more details on this, please go through our license agreement. Will you sell the same template to another customer? Yes, we will be selling the same template to other customers as well. Incase you would like to purchase full copyrights over a template, please contact our sales team using this contact form


What is the price of your templates? Please click here to go to the pricing page. Do I get any rebates if I buy multiple templates? Currently, we do not offer any kind of rebates on multiple purchases. Do you offer any kind of membership? Yes. We are now offering a brochure membership program that allows you to gain access to a variety of existing and forthcoming brochures in our collection, according to the membership plan you choose. Members also get a host of other benefits like, notifications of newly added brochure designs, free downloads and more. How to join the brochure membership program? We offer three types of membership plans like Budget, Standard, & Premium membership plans. Please click here to choose your favorite brochure membership plan Can I get access to unlimited brochures at no extra cost? Yes, you will gain unlimited access to all the existing products and future additions in the respective members section according to the membership plan you choose, at no additional cost. What are the different types of brochures offered under each of your membership plans? The table below explains the different brochure membership plans and the respective level of features available for each membership type.

How many brochures can I download on a daily basis? You can download up to 10 templates a day for a year if you hold a Premium membership. For Budget membership, the total download limit is 10 templates per week. And in standard membership, you can download up to five templates a day for six months. What kind of rights do I get over the templates downloaded from the membership section? You get royalty free non-exclusive rights to use the template for your or your client's design projects. But you will not have rights to resell/redistribute/lease/sublease/license/sub-license the template to any third party.
For more information refer our license agreement here
How frequently will you be adding new templates? We generally add new templates to the existing database on a weekly or biweekly basis Is my membership transferable? In other words, can I share my membership with others? Sorry, that is not allowed. You cannot transfer your membership to a third party. How to renew my membership? A reminder will be sent to you a week ahead of your membership expiry date. You can use the link sent to you to renew your membership by following the instructions on the renewal page. How to download free stock images? You can download tons of free stock images right here on brochuremonster.com. These images from our partner Bigstockphotos.com cover a wide range of themes including Animals, Business, Education, Food and more. Click here. I haven't received my membership login information yet. Is there any way of getting it online? Yes. You can use our "Member Login Information Retrieval System" to get your login information online. What is your return policy? Owing to the digital nature of this product, we really cannot have a buy-back policy. Instead, if you feel that there is a defect in the template or if you want a different format, we would be glad to give you a fresh download link again. Please feel free to test out our product by downloading a free sample first. I am ready to print, but some graphics on your brochure look dull. Any reason? All our graphics are of high resolution suitable for professional printing. Some software programs might display dull graphics, but print output will be of the highest quality.

Payment Modes

How do I pay? We accept both Paypal and credit-card payments. Credit Card payments are accepted via 2Checkout which is a well-known secure payment gateway. Can I pay in a different currency? You can make payment in any currency you want.

For any further questions or enquires, please get in touch with us using our contact form

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