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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS IS AN ABSOLUTE CONDITION TO YOUR ACCESS TO AND USE OF ANY PRODUCT(S)/SERVICE(S). DOWNLOADING AND/OR USING ANY TEMPLATES(S) FROM BROCHUREMONSTER.COM CONFIRMS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND FORMS A LEGAL CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND BROCHUREMONSTER.COM. BROCHUREMONSTER.COM reserves the right to change any of the terms of this Agreement at any time, without prior intimation and you agree to be bound by such changes. If you do not agree to the following terms, as may be amended, do not download or use any products(s)/service(s).


Templates:'templates' herein collectively refers to the brochures, flyers, letterheads, business cards, posters or any other marketing materials/product(s)/service(s) sold by BrochureMonster.com

Grant of License

On the understanding that you will comply with the terms of this Agreement, BrochureMonster.com gives to you and your employer (if you are licensing on behalf of your employer) a non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, non-transferable right to use, without payment of additional royalties and fees, the template(s) you have purchased (the "Product") for you or your customers.

The only right that you have is the right to use the template(s) in accordance with this Agreement. All rights not expressly granted to you in this Agreement are specifically meant for BrochureMonster.com

Limited Rights

Your rights to use Product(s) are limited in the following manner, in addition to any other restrictions provided in this Agreement or by law.

You are given rights to use the Template(s) royalty free (without payment of additional costs) for you, your company (if you are purchasing on behalf of your company) and/or your client (in the case you are an agent acting for a single client).

You are given rights to Edit/Customize the templates based on your preference

The images contained in our brochures are copyrighted by JupiterImages Corp. You may not use the images contained in our Brochures and other products for any other purpose other than that connected with the products.

You can customize our templates and provide them to your client but the client should not create new derivate works from them.

You do not have rights to
sell/resell/distribute/redistribute/lease/sublease/license/sublicense/hire/subhire the template(s) to a third party under any circumstances.

You are prohibited from posting any template(s) or portion of template(s) on any electronic bulletin board. You shall neither place it online or in downloadable format nor will you use or allow anyone else to use the template(s) to create pornographic, libelous, obscene or defamatory material.

If you use a template(s) in a manner not specifically authorized by this Agreement we will consider that an infringement of our and our third party licensors' proprietary rights and will impose infringement damages upon you. You are prohibited from using a product that is contrary to a restriction stated in this Agreement.

Copyright Information

All BrochureMonster.Com product(s)/template(s) are copyrighted by Indian and US Copyright Laws. Any activity involving copying, stealing, reselling, leasing, renting of our template(s) and/or template design(s) is strictly prohibited. Any such act will be considered illegal and will lead to litigation under US or Indian courts as deemed appropriate by us.

There are third party copyrights over images contained within our template(s). You will respect these copyrights and shall not have ownership or copyright in any product or in any image contained within BrochureMonster.Com product(s)/template(s). You are also legally required to provide copyright protection for any template(s) you download from this website. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

BrochureMonster.com guarantees any template(s) or any other product you download from this website to be free from defect or damage. However in the event that there should be damage or defect then the only remedy offered by BrochureMonster.com will be to rectify the defect and offer a fresh download of the same template. BROCHUREMONSTER.COM MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED NEITHER SHALL IT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY FOR ANY GENERAL, SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, LOST PROFITS OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS LICENSE OR OTHERWISE. If BrochureMonster.com is liable to you or your employer for any reason then the amount of liability shall be limited to the sum invoiced and paid by you for the use of the particular Product involved.


You will not be allowed to use any product until you have made the full payment. If you use any product before you have paid for it then BrocureMonster.com will consider this an infringement of its own and third party proprietary rights and reserves the right to cancel this agreement and seek damages from you or your employer as the case may be.

Non Transferable/Non Assignable License

You are not allowed to assign the license that has been granted to you for a particular product to a third party. It is personal to you or your employer.

Unauthorized Use of Products

You agree to the condition that BrochureMonster.com, its third party inclusive of directors, officers, affiliates and representatives cannot be held responsible for any claim for damages, losses or any costs, including attorneys' fees if you make unauthorized use of any Product or portion thereof supplied to you by BrochureMonster.com, or if you breach any of the terms of this Agreement.

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