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Examples of flyers
You can look for examples of flyers in a plethora of websites. Before you proceed with it, familiarize yourself with the concept of flyers. Flyers refer to the single sheets of marketing material generally distributed in public places. You can draw examples of flyers from your memory lane itself. You would have received flyers at least once in your life time when you were out for shopping or event or somewhere else. If you approach an offline designer, he can provide you the examples of flyers.

Mark your success through flyers

The major advantage in using flyer is you are at liberty as for as space is concerned. You are also blessed with unlimited creative freedom. You can use your creative freedom to the fullest by adding striking visual features. But the downside is you have constraints for prolonging content. You should keep the content short and expressive. After all, it is the only spot where you can attract the attentions of the readers.

What are flyers?

Examples of flyers can be sought from your personal experience itself. Have you ever walked into a store and received a free flyer from the shop assistant? What did the flyer consists of? It would have had a sales pitch for a product or service. Isnít it? It is exactly what the flyers are meant for? Different flyers will have different themes. It can be based on an offer, an introductory product or service (product launch), sales, or a call for action. Whatever may be the theme, the objective of all the flyers are same. It is the promotion of a business. Flyers are often used as a support for other marketing materials. They are used in a stand alone basis as well. They are very cheap to produce and distribute than other marketing materials such as pamphlets, brochures etc So invariably many businesses make use of flyers for marketing their products and services. Shopping malls, food shops, events, exhibitions are some of the ideal places for the distribution of flyers. However they are simply distrib uted in streets. Sometimes they are also dropped into the post boxes.

Advantages of flyers

  • They are easy to design
  • They are simple and less time consuming to read
  • They are very bright and vibrant so instantly attract readers
  • They are simple and cheap to produce
  • They can be used to support other materials or simply in a stand alone basis.
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