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What is flyer design?
Flyers come in standard sizes and measurements. The standard size is 81/2*11. Flyers can be one sided or two sided. There a few things you need to know about flyer design before you start designing one. Here are a few tips to help you on the way.

Pertinent interesting content

All flyers should have interesting relevant info that will make sense to the reader and convince him to take it. It should contain info that the reader or customer can use and which will affect him in a way. Customers will not be turned on by dry, vague and irrelevant info that makes no difference to them. They will only be motivated by honest relevant facts and data.

Meaningful Graphics

The graphics and pictures that appear in the flyer design should be related to the textual matter and should not deviate from it. Pictures should be relevant to the written data. They should be connected and harmonious. Only then will the flyers value be enhanced. So look for thoughtful and meaningful graphics before inserting them.

Vibrant Colors

This is the most important factor. When you use warm vibrant colors you not only make your flyer look better but you have a positive impact on the customer as well. Any one would want to look at a colorful warm lively piece of work than a dull or drab one. So choose and pick your colors carefully and do whatever you can to make that flyer design extra appealing to the customer


This is the most important aspect of the advertising using flyers. Flyers are a tool used in outdoor advertising. They are usually distributed by one person or two in streets. People those who pass them will receive a flyer each. Many people will drop the flyers in the streets itself without even taking a look at them. This method is not environment friendly also. At times, flyers are also left outside the doors or in the postboxes etc Another effective method of flyer distribution is via newspaper insertions. They can be inserted in a leading daily that has got good readership. The last method is they can be simply kept for free pick in various shopping outlets. This method is becoming very popular nowadays. This method eliminates the need for a distributor. It also does not irk customers. Simply whoever wants to have a flyer can pick one. There is no one to force a flyer into the hand. Whatever is said and done, the quality of the flyer decides the success of it.

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