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Steps involved in flyer distribution
Flyer distribution is a common sight in events, shopping malls, exhibitions and other places of pubic gathering. You can draw references for flyer distribution from your memory lane. You would have received flyer at least once in your lifetime down the line. The idea behind flyer distribution in highly crowded areas is to reach the target audience at personal level. Before you start your distribution, check for perfection in your design. Follow these simple ideas to ensure excellence in your flyer design.

Useful ideas for flyer design

Make your flyer more visually appealing. Use simple designing mechanics. Simply place an image related to your product with limited texts. Make sure that your design establishes proper harmony with the text. There should not be any variance in the meaning produced by the text and design. Your flyer should produce the intended meaning almost instantaneously. You cannot expect the reader to spare his time in interpreting your message

While designing a flyer, also remember that there are two sides to a flyer. So donít waste one side by leaving it blank. Instead increase the utility of your flyer by providing some useful information in the other side. What are the value additions that you can give in the back of your flyer?

You can include:
  1. Answers to FAQs
  2. General tips
  3. Testimonials from existing customers / professionals
  4. A route map to your shop
  5. A list of your services or range of products
Strategies of good flyer distribution

There are no set rules for hand to hand distribution. You get the word out with the help of flyers. There are various offline companies available to help you out in your pursuit. They help in flyer distribution, campaigning, feedback and much more. Make sure you reach your customers through flyer distribution at least eight times. But donít commit the mistake of distributing the same flyer again and again. It will only turn off the customers. Design four or five different varieties of flyers. Distribute each variety time to time among the public with a significant break. This will also help you find out which design is particularly successful among the public. It will also help you become popular among the public. At the same time, each and every time your flyer takes a different form and not the rehash of the previous one. So this will create inquisitiveness among the public and help your flyer distribution.
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