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How to get Free flyers ?
As the name suggests these are the flyers that are offered for free. They are sent to the customer either via mail or dropped into the letter boxes. They play an important role in securing a customer. Quite often customers find it simpler to read a single sheet of paper in less than a minute than to go through pages and pages of text as in company brochures or manuals. This is where free flyers come in useful. They inform and educate the customer about the company and its products or services without boring or turning off the customer. The fact that they are free makes it all the more feasible to the customer. The customer feels happy he is getting something for nothing. Free flyers can reach a customer and influence him the way no other promotional matter can. Here are some advantages of free flyers

  • They are free and hence are easily accepted by the customer who does not want to pay a price.
  • They convey the company's message succinctly and well.
  • They have a wide readership as they can be easily sent through mail and dropped into letter boxes.
  • They invite response from the customer. Many customers do respond.
  • They are an economical and effective way of getting the message across to the customer.
  • Since they are free they may be treated with disdain by the customer.
  • Customer may be annoyed with these flyers cluttering up his mail box and his mail.
  • Customer may receive a vague or even incorrect understanding about the company due to little information provided.
  • Customer may be already prejudiced against free flyers and other such promotional material.
  • Insufficient info provided can irritate and frustrate a customer.
Steps to make people respond to your free flyers

It is important for your flyers to be interesting and impressive. They should be designed in such a fashion that readers perceive them as important. It should not be flowery or colorful giving a poor impression to the readers about the business. The text should also be kept short. A headline that calls for immediate action like “hurry”, “start immediately”, etc is very important as it will induce the interests of the readers. A call for action should also be included with the flyer. The businessman can ensure the feedback from the readers. He can include anything like a write back coupon or a discount coupon for making the readers to purchase form his shop and likewise.
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