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Advantages of free holiday catalogs
Do you run a travel business? Distribute free holiday catalogs to attract more customers for your travel business. You can place your free holiday catalogs in various outlets. This will especially be helpful to you when you arrange for package tours. You can make a comprehensive list of places that you cover under package tours through free holiday catalogs. A typical holiday catalog will provide information on cost, no of days and places of visit.

Benefits of free holiday catalogs

Traditionally, travel business thrived in word of mouth communication. Of late, travel businessmen felt the need for something more than that. Simply spreading the word around is not adequate for a successful travel business. So they started using different marketing tactics used by other industry men. So came the usage of catalogs in travel industry. Holiday catalogs provide comprehensive information on various tour packages offered by travel agencies, their costs, period, contact information and many more.

What are the free holiday catalogs?

They are comprehensive list of various holiday packages offered by a travel agency. They are used to provide a general overview of the holiday products offered by the travel agency. The travel agency can include free holiday catalogs along with the other marketing materials distributed by it for the promotion of the business. The catalog can be tri-fold or double fold or single. It size also depends upon the size of the list it provides. The best way to make a catalog appealing is to divide various packages into various categories. Now you can assign an attractive name for each category. The title assigned should be relevant to the package. For instance, you can divide the packages as summer tour, winter tour, golf vacation, ski vacation etc and assign an attractive title to it. This is one of eth marketing strategy to be followed by the travel and tour companies. When people go on tours, they will be interested about the various features available in the tour package. Holiday catalogs can be used to list the features available in each package as well. This will give a professional approach to your marketing and customers will also be facilitated. They can take informed decisions. The holiday catalogs can make full use of the designing features. They can also include photographs and other images to illustrate the quality of the holiday resorts. Many travel agencies include the photographs of the holidays arranged by them in their catalogs to attract the customers.
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