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How to get free wholesale catalogs?
Get free wholesale catalogs from several offline designers. Catalogs are inevitable marketing tool. You can procure free wholesale catalogs from various sources. Generally, they are offered as part of the promotion efforts of many designing companies. They serve as illustrations for their designing quality. Many companies will require you to write them up requesting free wholesale catalogs.

Benefits of catalogs

Business universe spins in its axis with the power generated by its marketing efforts. Brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, are marketing materials that facilitate their marketing efforts. Catalogs enlist the products available under particular brand or company. They provide information on the range of products available, their prices, quantity etc Generally, they are made in glossy papers with bright colors. To achieve optimum results, different products should be grouped under different categories based on its purposes. There should be systematic listing of products .Otherwise it will leave the readers in a kind of chaotic state.

What exactly are free wholesale catalogs?

They are nothing but catalogs that are given for free of costs to eth wholesalers, retailers, distributors etc by the manufacturing company. There are many advantages for the manufacturers because of giving wholesale catalogs to their supply chain. Catalogs, brochures, pamphlets and other marketing materials are important for the promotion of the products or services of a company. So there should be uniformity in their design, content and appearance as a whole. So the uniformity in them can be achieved only by providing them free of cost to the wholesalers. Moreover designing and printing catalogs in a wholesale basis saves cost. It makes them cheap and saves the time of the designer and printer also.

The businessman or the manufacturer can list all his products along with their prices, quantity etc in the catalog. He can also provide a brief description about the products. This will provide a general overview of the product. It will help the buyers to take quick decisions. The catalogs can be made attractive by highlighting different categories of the products with different colors. This will also improve the readability of the catalogs. They can be printed in simply black and white or left plain in the white or given for color printing. But its all depend upon the design of the catalog. If the design of the catalog calls for color printing, then it should be done. However black and white catalog is cheaper than the color catalog. So if color printing is not needed, it should be avoided.
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