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Full color printing flyers
Full color printing flyers are flyers that utilize the whole gamut of colors. The colors used are bright and lively and enhance the flyer and its message. They are attractively decorated with more emphasis on the graphics and less on the text. These flyers are usually printed at an external printer for a minimal cost. They are very effective as customers are easily attracted to the bright colors and alluring graphics or pictures. The more colorful a flyer the greater is its success rate. Many companies are opting for full color flyers nowadays and they are finding it to be a great bargain. Many companies like Konica, Hutch, Food World, etc are finding it a great bargain so they begin using vibrant colors in the full color printing flyers


  • Very attractive and appealing to the customer
  • Compels him to read the content
  • Is cost effective
  • Has a high success rate
  • Can be time consuming
  • Can be costly
  • Full color printing flyers are not always successful.
Why should you use full color printing flyers?

With the competition of various businesses becoming cut-throat of late, it has become important of all businesses whether small, medium or big to involve in aggressive marketing and advertising. Flyers are a popular outdoor advertising tool. But since it has become very popular many people fail to take a look at it. Often if you visit an event or a exhibition, you can find various shops out there handing out a flyer or the other in your hand. Isnít it necessary for all the shop keepers to attract customers to their shops? If all the flyers are same with the same message and design, the customer will hardly take decision based on the flyer. Imagine, you have handed out a dozens of flyers from various businessmen and shop keepers. Now which flyer you will be prompted to read through first? The one that is more colorful and makes full use of designing intricacies isnít. That is the power of colorful flyers. They attract instant attention. It doesnít mean that the flyer should not elaborate anything about it. Readers will definitely look for some message from them. But a rambling content that will take more of the time of the reader rand will not work well for the business.
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