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How to design health promotion pamphlets?
Are you designing your own health promotion pamphlets? Look for sample designs for your health promotion pamphlets. Simply make use of the designs available online for your pamphlets. You can download readymade designs that are available online.

Things to look for in pamphlets

Make sure that the design is in tune with the nature of your product. In general in health promotion pamphlets, you should make use of pictures and other illustrations. You should place equal importance in content and design. This is because most of the health products will require user guidelines. So make sure that you don't end up with rambling content. Ensure harmony between content and design .Remember design should only compliment the content. Disharmonious content and design only leave the readers clueless. Ensure that you design your pamphlet in high quality papers. Don't deviate from your company policy and color or logo in your pamphlet design.

Health pamphlets should be designed with care. There should not be any gimmick in them. The businessman should have genuine interest in the health of his customers beyond the business profits. It should be reflected in the pamphlets. He should make sure his health pamphlets do not give any false news that can harm the health of the customers. He should present the facts and figures clearly in his pamphlets. They should have clear instructions for the users. The users should be strictly instructed to follow the dos and doníts in them. The sales pitch should be down played. However genuine features and benefits of the product can be highlighted without any gimmick. A list of few names of the doctors those who vouchsafe for the product with their pictures will improve the credibility. If it is possible the businessman can get attribution or their words and print them in his pamphlets. This will create a good impression for the product among the consumers. At the same time, the businessman should not put forth all the information the pamphlets. He should give only little information and create inquisitiveness and spur the customers to action. He can include a call to action saying those who read this pamphlet can call a specific number for availing more benefits or to learn more details. This will help the businessman to gauge the feedback of the customers as well. He can later draw some good points from those feedback and act on it. In this way he can improve his product and its feature.
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