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Leaflet Design
Before you decide on your leaflet design, make sure you understand the purpose of leaflets well. Leaflets are meant for delivering information about a product or service to the target audience. Remember, the main aim of leaflet is to capture the attention of that audience group which is limited by time. So use striking designs by reducing the text. Your leaflet design is enough to create the required impact. Make the leaflet design more striking to make people perceive the message as something important.

Steps involved in deciding the leaflet design

To begin with, decide on the size and shape of the leaflet. These are the factors that decide the success of your leaflet. Design your leaflet to fit the pocket, purse or bag. A leaflet that does not fit a pocket or small purse is sure to find its way to the waste bin. Similarly use the design and shape that appeals the target group. Making the design too jazzy will make the readers perceive your leaflet as mere junk. He will view the information as mere gimmick. There are various online and offline designers those offer perfect leaflet design for your business. You can approach them. They can help you make your business a success. You should first analyze the requirements of the design. You should put them across to the design. Make sure he imbibes all the requirements put across by you in the design. The design produces instant meanings and messages. So even if a reader reads through a message in hurry, it can produce the meaning. So the businessman should give a spot of retrospection to design. He should choose the designer carefully for designing his leaflets. There are no hard and fast rules involved in designing the leaflet design. However the designer should employ care while designing the leaflet. It reaches the masses. Once an impression is made by the business, it requires lots of efforts on the part of the business to correct the impression made by them on the minds of the audience. It is called corrective advertising. So the businesses should not put themselves in the situations that would call for corrective advertising. They should be very careful and decide the messages that they are planning produce through their leaflets beforehand. They can look for samples of various designs and decide on the leaflet design based on that. This will provide the business an edge in their advertising campaign.
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