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Features of leaflets
Leaflets are booklets handed out directly to people or inserted in newspapers, magazines or left in shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. The major advantage in leaflets is they are not constrained by space. They provide adequate space to express your ideas with striking graphics. Furthermore, leaflets are small in size and can be carried to homes creating opportunities for being read by more than one person. As the result it also gives adequate time to imbibe the message at the leisure time of each person at home.

Tips for successful leaflet design

Leaflets are designed for people those who do not spare their time for reading advertising materials. So avoid cramming it with words .Use visual elements instead. Aim for visual elements that will make the people to perceive your message as important. Choose quality paper that will not cause smudging of inks or changing of color. Also insist your printer to use thick papers for printing.

Advantages and disadvantages of leaflets

There are various advantages and disadvantages of leaflets. First letís discuss the advantages. First and foremost, they are very handy. They can fit a pocket or diary or the purse of an individual. So even if they are distributed in streets, there are lots of chances for the individuals to carry them home. They can be distributed in many ways. They can be simply handed out in the streets or inserted in the newspapers or left in the postboxes. There are many more innovative ways of distributing leaflets.

They are easy and simple to produce. They do not make a drain in the pockets of the businessmen. They are very cost effective and consumer friendly. They are very attractive and bright. They are even read in the morning rush hours if inserted with the newspapers. Even those who do not find time to read through the sheets and sheets of newspaper will find time to read through the leaflet. It will take only few seconds. But the real challenge rest with the advertiser. He should have put his message across the mind of the reader in those two seconds.

Leaflets have space constraints also. The designer is limited by the space. He can have only brief designs. Similarly the business man cannot have dense text. He should only have few lines of text. He should have expressed the message well in those two lines. They can also be perceived as gimmick by many readers.
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