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How to make free flyers
Any one can make free flyers if you know how. It's simple as ABC. First of all you have to decide upon the paper size. They usually come in the standard size of 8 *11. Then you need to decide if you will use only one or both sides of the paper. If you use both then it may prove more costly and complicated. Also you need to ensure that your message is succinctly and well covered without causing confusion. There are many elements that need to be considered before designing a free flyer. They are color, text, graphics and design. If all these areas are carefully covered then there is no need to worry about the effectiveness of the free flyers. Any one can make free flyers once they know how. It requires agreeing on the content which should interest the customer and motivate him to read more. It means seeing that the pictures and the graphics are in full agreement with the text. And finally it involves the correct judicious use of color which will enhance the flyer and make it look good

Advantages of making your own free flyers
  • You have full control over what goes in or not
  • You decide the text, the colors, the pictures and graphics etc.
  • You plan your message the way you feel will be most effective with the customer
  • You can monitor the response the way you want
  • When you make free flyers you connect with the customer the way you like
Disadvantages of making your own free flyers

There are lots of disadvantages in making your own flyers. First and foremost, remember that you are not a professional designer and so you will not know the nuances and intricacies of designing. So there is no assurance that the flyer will be up to the mark and look professional. Secondly, your flyer design will be confined strictly to the specifications that you have got from your company and what you think you want in your flyer, so you will fail to explore the new techniques that can be used. Thirdly, since you have only limited knowledge in designing, you may leave certain subtle points if given attention, may make a grate difference. Fourthly, designing on your own may be irksome and may take several months which otherwise would have taken only few days. Lastly, it can prove to be much more expensive.
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