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What are real estate sales flyers?
Real estate sales flyers are flyers that promote the sale of real estate. They are short but sweet, clear brief and useable. These Real estate sales flyers promote the sale of real estate like anything and they always aim to please the customer. They contain accurate, precise and detailed contact info about the property and its market value. They also contain a little bit of sales pitch but this is negligible and does not have much significance. Real estate sales flyers are all about the property. They wax eloquent on its benefits and advantages while mentioning the drawbacks in passing. Real estate sales flyers are created to sell the property. Every real estate company wants itself to appear in flyers. Hence the volume of business that the company does through real estate sales flyers is gigantic. Also it makes the company more attractive to the average customer and makes him want to know more. The more info that is dispensed through the flyer the better it is for the customer. Real estate sales flyers are doing an excellent job in connecting customers with realtors and vice versa. The more that is learnt about the business through Real estate sales flyers the better.

The features
  • They make the customer aware of their business
  • They sell the property effectively
  • They help in closing sales
  • They may put off the potential customer
  • Real estate sales flyers do not always make the sale
How to make real estate sales flyers?


Real estate flyers can make full use of the designing elements. They can be made in vibrant and soothing colors. Design is an important element that prompts readers to read through the flyers. Flyers need not necessarily have highly intelligent artworks. Simple yet attractive designs in the flyers will work well for the business.


The text should be consistent with the design. Avoid long-winded content. Moreover, flyers have space constraints. So the space should be managed well. Come up with a catchy headline. Simple pointers that explain the features of your real estate business will help you save the space. Donít be too crazy to fill the space with text. It will only upset the readers.


It is important to have a theme for your flyers. The theme is nothing but the concept or a central subject to which the content and design strictly conform to. The theme can be anything. It helps to hide the sales pitch in the flyers. The design and content should convey the theme well.

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