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Our brochures are of the highest quality. We have employed the best techniques and meticulous labor to ensure that they reflect successful business models. Our brochures pass through several stages in the pipeline before they are approved. The assessment is too rigid and no compromises are made even on the minutest error for we believe in ultimate perfection. Similarly it undergoes several modifications and revisions and the final output has no room or scope or further improvements.

Our team of expert designers have been trained to lay equal and appropriate emphasis on all aspects like color, design, typography, deliverability and above all quality. Brainstorming, suggestions, recommendations, detailed discussions are a regular feature of the nature of work executed by this group of skilled personnel. The brochures are not only devoid of limitations but also help you in realizing the goals and objectives of a commercial enterprise as they are an embodiment / perfect representation of what you want to say your clients, prospective customers and other stakeholders.

About Brochure Templates What is it about our templates that attract so many buyers? Is it the price? Yes, our templates don't sell at sky high rates even though they are the best. On the contrary they are very economical and affordable, without being cheapa real boon to small sized companies with limited budgets.

Is it the fact that these templates are designed to be print ready i.e., easily printable in few easy steps? What a life saver to busy customers who have no time to spend on a long tedious printing process!

How Does this Work for You?
Our Templates Support the Following Formats PC InDesign 2, CS, CS2
PageMaker 6.5, 7
Illustrator 8, 9, 10 CS, CS2
CorelDRAW 9, 10, 11, 12, X3
Mac InDesign 2, CS, CS2
PageMaker 6.5, 7
Illustrator 8, 9, 10 CS, CS2
Page Sizes There are different page sizes that our templates can accommodate and the maximum size it can go up to is 11"x17"
Page Margins Our templates allow you to have full page with bleeds. Bleed refers to the extra space that is provided at the sides to ensure that the written content inclusive of photos and illustrations is not cropped or cut off when the margins are removed
Fully Editable Templates Our templates are fully editable which means you can make any change or alteration you want to the text content, the photos, the artwork, everything. This facility we offer ensures that you own a template that meets your personal specifications and which conveys your message without hindrance from any side. You can Change the page size, colors, fonts, move, resize or change text and graphic elements. You can even edit the text boxes
Photos Fully licensed photographs are available in this range 300 dpi JPG, EPS or PNG raster /images.
CLIENT TESTIMONIALS Tom Mathews - Director Artistic, meaningful, attractive! With the help of Brochure monster, we were able to convey our concepts in a unique manner. The contribution of Brochure monster to our growth is incredible. I would certainly recommend their services. Mark Antony - CEO Grace Informatics Brochure monster is really cool. I would recommend it to someone wanting to bring out an effective ad for businesses. Great job well done! James Joyce Marketing manager Our hits have quadrupled, and our sales have gone through the roof. We only bought these brochures for a bit of fun, but now Brochure monster has become an inseparable partner of our advertising department.
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